Through The Crates Tuesdays

Written on 11/28/2018
Marty aLa Mode

The Year : 1987

Artists : Eric B & Rakim, Ice T

Songs : Paid in Full, Colors

Coasts : East, West


Eric B & Rakim's Album Paid in Full greatly impacted Hip-Hop by setting the standard

and introducing a deeper play on words, lyrics, and beat sampling. Rakim 

introduced an imaginative & complex rhyme style which helped boost the East Coast's 

repute(especially since Hip-Hop started in the East Coast). 

Ice T was one of the first successful rappers from the West Coast, who also happens

to be the originator of "Gangsta Rap". Ice T is also credited for

being the first rapper to have his album stamped with the Parental Advisory Warning Label.