Reading The Room

Written on 06/03/2020
By Reemaveli

Seeing my people raise up & take a stand is a beautiful thing. It makes me feel invincible almost. Like, I too, can do something to bring attention, awareness, & courage to my own in this fight.


A post, a retweet, a donation, a protest. These are all things that are uplifting to see because it promotes unity. But the anger for some makes it unbearable to witness because it’s deemed as lazy or not enough.


That, in itself, is unbearable to witness. If we’re already the minority, why are we shunning those who choose to post as a sign of solidarity?


Don’t turn on your brother or sister when they aren’t showing they’re as angry as you. This isn’t a rage battle.


We promote love amongst ourselves but lose sight of it when you don’t have a like minded approach. I’m tired of seeing the pissing contest that happens once a movement starts.


Styles win fights. Some are knock out artist. Some are defensive fighters. Everything done is bringing awareness & courage out of our own, no matter what the capacity. And that should be appreciated.


Some folks speak when they actually have something to say. We often look towards folks who aren’t as educated on the question & shun them when the right answers aren’t given.


I am angry. I can’t tell some one else how to fight. I can’t tell some one how to process any of this. The footage we’ve seen is just the darkness that’s been going on for years that been brought to light.


What I can do is take a sense of pride, big or small, in the fact that more & more people are feeling something that makes them want to do anything. Do I have to give them praise & acknowledgment for it? That’s a prerogative we all have. Not an obligation.


But in the midst of all this chaos, seeing shots thrown amongst us when unity is what is encouraged is just disappointing to see. We use knowledge as an ego booster instead of a shield.


A post of solidarity doesn’t mean that other things aren’t being done. It becomes a thing where screenshots & receipts are posted for validation, rather than acts of righteousness.


Yes they’re leeches, culture vultures & opportunists who look & speak just like us. But this isn’t the fight to fight right now. Fighting each other to fight isn’t the fight to fight right now. Whether you love thy neighbor or not, if they are black, they are all we have. I’m going to do my part to help build some type of courage to do something, the same way watching my peers & kinfolk have inspired me to do the same.