The Underdog

Written on 06/06/2020
Factory Of Images

The underdog. Usually overcoming the biggest obstacle compared to everybody else in the field. Odds becoming so stacked against them. 


They get called underdogs because of the prejudgment given. “It’s over...” before it has even started. A waste of time. A disappointment waiting to happen. A loser. Why would any one pick THAT guy?


No one wants to be wrong. So the safest bets are usually placed on every one else but them. The easiest targets. The butt of the joke because of the awkward silence. The reason why things go wrong when accountability isn’t present. 


The rooted against. The overlooked. The disrespected. The ignored. The mentally & sometimes physically abused. The insecurities that come from the spirit of competition, or life itself, are all projected on to these guys.


“How did they end up with them?” is the question asked when they’re seen with a partner. “Lucky to be here” is what’s said when put elbow to elbow with them. “There’s no way...” is what’s being thought when good fortune comes their way.


But then, something amazing happens. Hard to describe, but it’s very powerful. The battle royal is down to its last few competitors & THAT guy is still there. The butt of joke isn’t THAT guy, because the laughing has slowed down.


The more & more persistent THAT same guy is, the more & more doubt begins to become whispers instead being said with chests. THAT guy’s consistency has them all nervous as he continues up hill. THAT guy is no longer a target. He’s a threat.


Those who “always knew THAT guy could do it” are starting to talk about you more because they aren’t scared of looking like a loser themselves. They all start to tagging THAT guy. They all start to ask for more of THAT guy. 


But what happens to the favorite? Does he try to paint a picture to make THAT guy look less than? Does he latch on to THAT guy to take some of his shine? Does he drink himself into a bottomless pit because he can’t come to terms with THAT guy’s success?


Who knows. I was too busy rooting for the underdog the whole time. Not because I wanted to be a contrarian. Not because no one else believed in them. But because of the impenetrable passion they have. So keep fighting underdog. I see you. And I’m rooting for you.